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Diagram showing money flowing from donors to impact

Another inconvenient truth

Most donations don't change election outcomes.

Presidential and U.S. Congressional races have millions of dollars at play

Most donor dollars arrive too late in the election cycle, so can't generate more donations later.

Studies show the vast majority of voters (over 90%) will not change their mind because of partisan loyalty, regardless of ads and outreach from the campaign.

Software to increase your impact

We apply best practices from Five Thirty Eight, The Guardian, and other data-driven organizations to increase your political impact.

Focus your money on state and local races you can actually impact

Support related ballot initiatives like unjust voter ID restrictions, which are easier to influence and lead to lasting structural advantages for progressives

Set a monthly or annual budget that helps get campaigns resources earlier, when it’s most impactful

Backed by Obama's re-election team

Higher Ground Labs is the progressive tech accelerator founded by Obama’s former campaign leaders, and our lead investor.

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